Lopez & Blanka

It was runaround day yesterday at my sister’s house. We took off early in the morning on chores such as grocery shopping, gasoline fill-ups for both cars, Keen sandal shopping and finally, lunch.

The sandal shopping was a bust because locally the shoe dealers who carry the Keen brand are seasonally sensitive to shoes versus boots. I usually buy all my stuff online which is not seasonally sensitive. After stopping at 3-4 local stores we gave up as the same scenario played itself out. I decided to order the sandals online at Amazon.com when I returned home. If you’ve ever worn Keep sandals you know how comfortable they are. I wear them year round with the exception of Winter’s snow. 🙂

So to end our shopping spree we went to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant Eastern Buffet. I used to love to go there 11 years ago and they haven’t changed. We are both diabetics so our plates were loaded primarily with protein items. Boy was that good. Even though we were careful on our choices we both required naps when we got home. LOL

It seems all the animals in the house decided to nap the same time we did. I captured the photo of Blanka below as she lay on the couch across from me. The second photo is of little Lopez, my niece’s doggie.




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