The Pixie Next To Me

Again I’ve been reprocessing some of the photos I took at my sister’s house. The add-on filter software I have here produces much better results, especially those pictures taken in low light situations. I’m able to bring out more detail, lesser noise levels and better vignette results.

The photo below is an example of good processing tools and techniques. Pixie was only about 3 feet from me but there was little ambient light in the room and the blinds were drawn.



2 thoughts on “The Pixie Next To Me

    • I tend to be a perfectionist so not having my software tools in South Carolina prompted me to redo my favorite shots when I returned home. My poor sister knows next to nothing about post processing although I made sure she has the latest version of Photoshop. It took me 20 years to get good at using it and it’s impossible to teach a novice much in just a few days.

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