Calendar Release Party Announced

I received an official notification for the 2017 Calendar Release Party today from the Blackstone River Corridor, Inc. It’s the flyer that will be distributed across the area announcing the awards. My photo won the award as the best photo for the month of October. I will be awarded 6 of the new calendars which may include two free tickets to “A Christmas Carol” and a free dinner at a fine restaurant in Whitinsville. Crossing my fingers. I look forward to attending this event that will entertain the press as well as local dignitaries.

I’ve been asked to show the winning photograph so I’ve amended this post to show it as the header for this blog, The Uxbridge Chronicles that you’ve all been looking at for the past year since I moved here October 03, 2015. It’s one of my favorite scenics.




8 thoughts on “Calendar Release Party Announced

    • If you look at the top most outdoor image there’s a graphic symbol for the Blackstone Corridor. I just happen to have a T-shirt with that symbol on the front, thanks to the retired police officer who first took me there. I’ll be wearing for the presentation and publicity shots.

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