First Tree With Color

I’ve been watching this particular tree for weeks, before I left on my South Carolina vacation. It was quickly obvious it would be the first local tree to wear its Autumn colors. I waited for the right day, grabbed my camera and walked into my backyard where I could capture the entire tree with my widest angle lens.

This is only the beginning of Fall. Soon the landscape will be covered in brilliantly colored trees like this. I intend to be ready, searching for the best place to capture an even wider vista of what Mother Nature has to offer.



4 thoughts on “First Tree With Color

  1. Wonderful! Our trees are red and yellow and brown on the ground a lot. In fact the colored one are even curled because of no rain. Not the best fall, but pretty anyhow.

  2. I am anticipating autumn too. There are a couple of trees, a sugar maple and a ginkgo, that I am keeping an eye on. They were beautiful last fall, and I don’t want to miss them this year.

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