Indian Powwow

I have met a couple of people in Uxbridge with an indian heritage. I’ve taken an interest through the years of our native Americans whose bloodlines predate Columbus. I attended a Powwow of the Grande Ronde Tribes while living in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t remember a time that I enjoyed more. The sense of family, of belonging was never stronger. I was welcomed with open arms.

I copied a number of photos I took that day to my blog post holding folder for use in this post as well as copying them to my Nexus 7 tablet. I’m sharing them with you today in remembrance of that occasion.





3 thoughts on “Indian Powwow

  1. In Illinois when little we went to an Indian powwow and was very impressed. Good to know how it is really done and also admire the Indians with their taking care of the land and not wasting.

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