Remembering The Pacific Northwest

I had a great day yesterday, one that I dearly needed. It started with payday, having money is always a good way to start your day. I did some needed grocery shopping and bill paying as a precursor to what would then follow.

Next I went to the Uxbridge Senior Center where I joined a few friends at the table that I started nearly a year ago. The 4-6 people who choose to join me at my table are regulars as well as staff members. My friend, Edith, is also one of my nextdoor neighbors at the Calumet public housing complex where we all live.

I’ve been working on bringing the two groups together, the Calumet group and the senior center group. There’s a lot of advantages to all in sticking together. The Calumet group joined together in an all out chat session on a beautiful Autumn day yesterday. We just drug individual outdoor chairs over and grew to be a large circle of about 8 people. There were the necessary introductions for those who didn’t know each other. There were two puppy dogs present as well.

We laughed and shared stories of our present and past lives along with stories of places we’d lived. Since I had my Nexus 7 tablet with me I could share a great deal of my past with pictures, hundreds of pictures. Someone mentioned they loved trains. I have a fairly large collection of great train photographs in my personal library so I put together photographs of the Pacific Northwest that showed off trains, boats and beautiful Autumn scenery. A lot of these New England seniors have never been to the Pacific Northwest so there were all blown away by the scenic great outdoors I experienced for 10 years while living near Portland, OR.

I handed out plenty of my business cards with the internet location of most of my best photographic collections. That included my National Geographic site, my blog site you’re looking at right now and my Tumblr blog site that I use for my favorite pictures. or

Below I’m posting a collage of some of my favorite scenic sights photographed in my 10 years in Portland, OR. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I know New England is famous for their Fall foliage but I’d put up the Pacific Northwest’s October color anytime.




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