Pleasant Street CRC Staff 2016

So yesterday was a full, rewarding day for me, taking portraits of my church’s staff at the church. This was a planned event so everyone was looking their best.

Now, the toughest question: Where do we shoot the pictures? It was an overcast foggy day outside so that’s where I suggested we go. The staff were all shaking their heads in disbelief. I explained it was the absolute best place to do the deed because an overcast sky guarantees even, pleasant lighting. Had the sun been out the light would have been harsh, casting dark shadows across their faces. It’s a photographer thing, something I teach my students on the first or second lesson. It’s all about the light!

I couldn’t wait to process the pictures when I returned home. I was right about the light being perfect outside. We walked completely around the church and its grounds before I spotted the location for the closeups, the front entrance of the church. There were giant wooden doors that would provide a contrasting background for the head and shoulders portraits requested. I eliminated all distracting elements in post processing and kept the changes throughout the individual images. I think they’re going to like the results! I’ll be presenting them to the Pastor and Sadie, the church’s indispensable secretary. I’m going there tomorrow morning for men’s bible study as well as senior coffee & donuts.

From my observation the church waits way too long to get new pictures taken. The church’s latest directory is around 5 years old. Folks have changed the way they look in a big way. Babies have been born, hairstyles change. I’ll leave it up to the pastor should he want more recent shots taken each year.





2 thoughts on “Pleasant Street CRC Staff 2016

  1. Yes, really good pictures. All of them. If I had to choose the group ones, I like in front of the church best of the two. And like the year of the church to the side.

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