Raymond “Al” Ericsson

I moved to Uxbridge, MA on October 03, 2015. Other than my landlords, the Armstrongs, the first person I met in Massachusetts was Raymond “Al” Ericsson. I was exploring Uxbridge and came across the Crown & Eagle Apartments, an old mill converted to apartments here in town. Ray, who lives at these apartments, was pushing his wheelchair down the sidewalk where I was photographic the beautiful grounds of the Crown & Eagle Apartments. he stopped and we chatted for a while before moving on to our next destination.

I bumped into Ray again at the Uxbridge Senior Center. There he was known as “Al”. Turns out Al is a regular there, taking advantage of their great lunch program. I went to the senior center for my first 6 months  in Uxbridge, taking a hiatus for a few months before returning as a regular myself. Al is still there, sitting at the men’s table every day for lunch. He catches a ride to and from the center on their shuttle bus. I haven’t utilized that free service yet but the members of my senior government housing project, Calumet Court, do. This Winter I may join them on the shuttle bus to avoid the messy snow conditions here.

I’ve taken a number of pictures of Al in the past year since he’s such a popular member at the Senior Center. We cater to his needs as best we can. I look forward to seeing his smiling face every day.






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