Blackstone River Corridor Calendar Release Party


It was fun attending this year’s calendar release celebration especially since my name and photo were included. I won for the month of October in the 2017 calendar and received 6 free copies of the printing. Individual prints of each month’s entry were framed with the photographer’s name displayed next to it. This is an annual event so I look forward to next year’s contest.

There were tables loaded full of “finger foods” available to the winning photographers and their guests. Name tags were made for the photographers with their winning entries printed right on the tag, a nice touch. It was interesting and fun to get the opportunity to chat with all the winners. Photos were taken of the group holding their framed entries. Each winner received 6 of the printed calendars for each winning entry. Two of the photographers had more than one winning month.

The contest used a blind selection process so that the judges had no way of knowing who took which entry. I was happy to have been chosen for the coveted October shot as there were many submissions for the most colorful month in New England.

BHC Announces 2017 Calendar Contest Winners & Release Party

October Winning Entry by Bob Mielke




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