Sent To Blackstone River Corridor Inc

Fortunately for me I brought my camera with me to the calendar award ceremony in Uxbridge. I couldn’t believe the organization shot the winning photographers with a cell phone. I didn’t get a photo of the actual photographers but I did manage to capture a picture of the framed photographs on display before that award presentation. There were 13 winners in all as the cover photo was in addition to the 12 months in the year. My entry won for the month of October. It’s pretty much hidden behind all the rest. I will be emailing the photo below to the agency putting on the contest. I’m enjoying my 6 free calendars as I give them away to friends and relatives. I even donated one to the Senior Center in Uxbridge as a prize to be given away during our Tuesday game of chance. Hard to judge if the winner of that game this week will enjoy the calendar prize as much as the $5 bill given away to the two winners. 🙂


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