What A year!

It’s actually been a year since I moved to Uxbridge, MA from Portland, OR. My arrival date at Logan Field in Boston was October 3rd, 2015. A lot has transpired in the past year including a 2nd move to public housing in Uxbridge. I hope & pray this will be home for life as my housing unit and all the costs are ideal for my lifestyle and income.

As usual I’ve kept my photography hobby active although the subject matter has changed most notably. I still go to the local zoo although I don’t like it nearly as much as the Oregon Zoo I came to love. Still, I carry my camera everywhere, capturing special moments, scenery and people.

The snapshots I’m posting today are of the same person, one year apart. She works at the Hannaford Supermarket in Uxbridge, MA and is delightful to talk to. One of the other workers at the store grabbed her for me this year as the young lady had a totally different costume on for this year’s Halloween celebration. I love the way all the employees there come to work in costume each year. I hope you enjoy the photos. I’ll send both to the young lady portrayed as soon as I can get her email address.




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