Taking Time Off

How times have changed! There was a time where I would put up 5-6 posts a day when living in Portland, OR. My routine has slowed down significantly in the past year since moving to Uxbridge, MA. The local zoo, Southwick, has closed for Winter, not to reopen until April. The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays are just around the corner now. I’ve already begun buying Christmas gifts, for myself. I’m starting new traditions here and haven’t begun buying gifts for my neighbors or new potential friends. Most of us are seniors with a fixed income that prohibits lavish spending. I’m playing it by ear this year as all this may change.

The simple gift I ordered for myself is from Amazon.com. It’s called an Echo Dot, a type of personal assistant that controls your environment. Since I live in a 10’x20′ single room apartment that would be a very small world indeed. The Echo will control the lights, stereo and online purchases, all by voice command. It’s like an advance version of Apple’s Siri on their iPhone. The recent competition in this field from Google and others has prompted Amazon to cut the price for their Echo Dot in half, now $49.95. The reviews rave about what a must have bargain this is so I took that leap and ordered one, a black one. πŸ™‚


So that’s it for now but I have an idea with Black Friday’s approach in just over a week means I might be tempted with other great deals. I’ve already ordered $75 worth of boxer shorts for just $20 by taking advantage of early deals from Amazon. Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! LOL That might fall into the TMI category!


8 thoughts on “Taking Time Off

  1. Well, at least if you have $75 worth of boxers, you won’t have to put up your completely nude photo on laundry day again. You’ll have enough to keep one pair on while the others are washing. Gee, I’ll sort of miss that photo.

    And, for Pete’s sake, don’t take time off. At least throw us up a photo every day. I’m sure you have plenty. You don’t have to say anything with it. We just enjoy seeing your pictures.

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