Pizza Guys & Gals

I’ve discovered my pizza place for life recently. It’s the Uxbridge House Of Pizza just a quarter mile from my home. Located on main street across from the senior center it makes the best hamburger/mushroom pizza I’ve ever eaten for around $10 with a bottled soft drink. I usually treat myself to a pizza after church on Sunday. I have also found a source for my favorite frozen pizza, Dr Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza. I like the pepperoni pizza and the three cheese variety. I buy freshly sliced mushrooms and add them to both pizzas.

Anyway the fresh ones at Uxbridge Pizza are to die for. I just made myself extremely hungry! The two workers, seen below, are extremely nice. People in this town are genuinely delightful. I’ll need to tell them of tripping leaving their business last Sunday. I’m not hurt but the scab on my left knee is still healing. I hit the hard sidewalk on both knees. 😦



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