Share Your World – 2016 Week 47

Share Your World – 2016 Week 47 (Grateful list)

What are you grateful for in regard to:

  1. Your home life?
  2. Your family?
  3. Your blogging community?
  4. Your city or immediate area in which you live?
  5. The regional area in which you live?
  6. The country where you live?
  7. You

I’m a solo act with regard to my home life these days but l am grateful for my neighbors in the senior housing facility where I live. We stick together, helping each other out when and where we can. Not everyone owns a car anymore or even has a drivers license. There are handicapped folks up to 90 years old right next door to me.

My blood relatives are spread all over the United States, from Illinois to New York, to South Carolina. When I start keeping track of the nieces and nephews I’ve lost track of where they all live.

I have around 4800 followers that include family and friends from 4 states. I have precious followers from Japan, Philippines, France and many more countries. We’re a tight knit group. I’m grateful for each and every follower.

I’ve been living in Uxbridge, Massachusetts for 13 months now. I wish I could move all the people in Uxbridge to Portland, OR which would make for utopia. The folks around here are so genuinely friendly I have to pinch myself every now and then.

I actually haven’t strayed far enough from Uxbridge to sample the New England culture. I can share that they have the most beautiful trees in Fall and the most snow in Winter. We haven’t had our first snowfall yet but it’s not far away.

I’ve visited and lived in a number of foreign countries such as Japan, Korea and Thailand. I’ve witnessed primitive living conditions there that most Americans would shy away from. We have the best medical and commercial diversity anywhere. We have the highest level of technology and comfort products in the world. We have the most advanced system of agriculture on the planet, supplying us with the highest quality of food anywhere. I love to travel but only to go sightseeing. I’m always happy when I return home. 🙂

With regard to myself I’m grateful to be alive, healthy and able to stay mobile. I look forward to each sunrise and grateful for staying so busy I’m never bored. Life is good!


8 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016 Week 47

  1. Hi Bob, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I just got my computer back! Long story again. It’s a laptop and although it lives on a fan and I turn it off every night….the battery exploded. Thank Heavens it works fine without a battery. I never took it anywhere anyway.
    My camera gave me a scare. I had both of my camera cleaned at the Northwest Nature Photographers meeting earlier this month. I took a few photos and the F wasn’t F 8 but F0. So I googled and discovered that wasn’t wonderful. So I took it to the shop that did the cleaning and they discovered a piece of debris between the camera and the lens. I never did take the lens off. Anyway, all is well.
    Yup, I miss you. Oh, how did your photography class work out?
    All the best, Peace,

    • In the 10 years I lived in Oregon they had just one year, 2008, with significant snowfall. I remember the traffic jam on highway 26 going into Portland. Oregon really doesn’t have the road equipment to clear that heavy snowfall. Massachusetts is prepared but not for the 110 inches they got in the Winter of 2014-2015. Who know what will happen this Winter?

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