A New Student – What Fun!

I began another journey yesterday, playing forward the gifts God has given to me regarding my photographic skills. I love to teach so when Rev. Howard De Vries asked me to teach him everything I know he opened up a huge can of worms. LOL Howard started well, taking my advice on which camera to purchase. Of course, as long as Fuji’s mirrorless X-E1 cameras are available new I steered him to the best kept secret in photography.

The new camera arrived this past week and sat unopened on Howard’s desk at church. He had taken my advice and fully charged the battery so we could get on with the camera’s programming and setup. Howard is new to all this so I came prepared with a new 8 gig high quality SD memory card loaded with the latest firmware update for the camera. In short order we brought the camera to full operation and began the step-by-step process of completing the menu selections for the best camera operation. I had my gear with me so I simply called out each menu choice as pastor Howard performed the duplicate choice on his new camera. That way he got his hands wet with the buttons, dials and menus on his new camera. You learn faster that way.

We discussed important accessories which my new student purchased instantly online at B&H Camera and Video in New York. We bookmarked the site on his 27″ iMac desktop. We then discussed the options in choosing graphic editing software for his new hobby. You don’t have to decide right away as Adobe, maker of Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements software will allow you to download full versions of their great software to try for one month at no charge. That way you can try the waters before buying. I recommended the full Photoshop suite that you can rent for $9.95 a month instead of staring at the full $750 price tag. That way you get the latest Photoshop, Lightroom and free upgrades forever. I have this package as does my sister. 🙂

So now the real fun begins, playing with a new toy. I get excited just thinking about the fun and enjoyment photography has brought to my life. Howard is just getting started but has a distinct advantage, me. I am totally self taught over a 48 year obsession that has made my life exciting and rewarding. I pray Howard will catch the bug and enjoy his new hobby.



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