Temporary Kitchen Table

With Winter moving in fast the management at the Uxbridge Housing Authority issued a decree that all outdoor goodies such as benches, tables & chairs had to be moved indoors to allow the maintenance staff easy access to the sidewalks and areas in front of our units. They must plow & shovel the walkways for our senior residents. Makes sense I suppose.

Now, what to do with my homemade bench and plastic lawn chair? I came up with a brilliant idea for the bench. I added a 2’x4′ sheet of MDF to the top to make it into a usable table for my microwave and convection oven. The height was perfect to allow me to reach the wall outlet with the short power cords that come with these appliances. I simply countersunk 10 screws through the MDF and fastened that top to the bench underneath. Voila, a perfectly sized utility table that fit nicely into the corner of the kitchen without getting in the way. I even had room underneath for that lawn chair and the Rubbermaid storage containers I’d been using to support those gadgets, killing two birds with one stone. Now I can move on to my next project. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Temporary Kitchen Table

      • I’m on a financial diet right now. My social security arrives in a week but I have plenty to eat. No Dunkin Donuts for me though. I must actually cook which I like to do. I won’t starve, that’s for sure!

      • I used to love to cook, but after my husband became so ill that he had to eat baby food and then only liquids that last year of his life, I just sort of stopped cooking. Then my lifestyle became one of working 3 jobs to make end meet, and cooking still took a back seat because of time and energy. But now I’m beginning to get into the mood to cook more, and it’s fun again.

      • I used to love to cook, but pretty much stopped when my husband became so ill he couldn’t eat normal food and needed round-the-clock care. Then after he passed, I worked 3 jobs to make end meet, and cooking wasn’t easy to put on the schedule. But now days I’m in the mood to cook more, and I’ve found it’s still fun on the days I have the time.

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