Christmas Dinner At St. Mary’s

Just a few more days and Christmas will be upon us. I have at least three options on where to spend it this year. There’s a combined service being held at Fairlawn Christian Reformed Church in Whitinsville that will include the congregation of my church, Pleasant Street CRC. There are two services Christmas Eve at my church, also in Whitinsville. Last but not least there’s a free Christmas dinner across the street from my neighborhood at St. Mary’s church, Our Lady of the Valley. I’ve eaten there before when a cub scout troop made a wonderful ham and bean dinner for all comers. I certainly won’t be alone this Christmas! Merry Christmas all!






2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner At St. Mary’s

    • I just returned from my friend edith’s unit down the sidewalk from me. She’s in unit #20 while I’m in unit #10. EDith gave me a greeting card from the director of the Senior Center, Marsha Petrillo that also included 2 $10 gift cards to my favorite grocery store, Hannaford’s in Uxbridge. God is good indeed!

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