Magnetic Saw Guides

Working with hand tools requires precision saw cuts. Over time woodworkers develop the knack for accurate sawing that saves them a lot of time in the production workflow. Beginners rely on aids to produce square and plumb saw cuts.

The final pieces of my hand tool kit are the two magnetic saw guides seen below. I’ve been using the Veritas guide for a few months now for longer cuts across boards. The David Barron 90 degree magnetic guide arrived yesterday. I bought it from Highland Woodworking online at

The smaller David Barron guide is great for cutting crosscut dovetail pins as well as small molding cuts. The larger Veritas guide works best for cross cutting boards up to 6″ wide. I use a sharp marking knife when striking the line to be cut so reinforcing those saw blade cuts and then using a sharp chisel to carve a shallow trench on the waste side of a saw cut creating a saw wall for your saw to rest. Next you put the magnetic saw guide in place, attaching it magnetically to your saw, and begin cutting a perfect 90 degree cut. The David Barron 90 degree guide can also be used to make accurate box joints.magnetic-saw-guides


3 thoughts on “Magnetic Saw Guides

    • I watch YouTube videos of fantastic shops all over the world. I used to have one in the basement of my home in Ferguson, MO. I had a beautiful table saw, radial arm saw, drill press and router table. I had thousands of dollars invested in saw blades and router bits. Everything had to be sold to pay my divorce lawyer before losing my house itself. 😦 Those were tough times. I got laid off, divorced, lost my house and then my truck all in a very short period of time. I felt like Job from the bible yet God never abandoned me. 🙂

      • I sort of understand. If anything like that happens to me I hope I can deal with it. I keep telling myself with Ron’s memory “hang on to God, he is in charge”

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