“No Screw For You”!

This is a strange year for holidays, at least the way we choose to celebrate them in the United States. You see, Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on a Sunday this year. That means we celebrate each twice, the actual day and then the Monday following the actual holiday.

I failed to realize that yesterday until I tried to go shopping for a simple screw. This small part of New England, especially Uxbridge, doesn’t have a lot of stores. The only hardware store carrying screws doubles as the only source of lumber in the area. Koopman Lumber & Hardware is a large family owned chain that dominates this part of Massachusetts. Every one of them was closed both Sunday and Monday, the legal celebration of the holiday.

I drove around aimlessly to the Dollar Tree, Big Lots & finally Hannaford’s Supermarket trying to find a common screw. Nope, niet, nada! There wasn’t one screw available in the two closest towns to my home. What’s a guy to do? My only option was to buy lunch at Burger King and go home empty handed. “No Screw For You”, the screw nazi declared!



3 thoughts on ““No Screw For You”!

  1. I sympathize, Bob. I can’t believe it, but I actually remembered that Monday was a holiday this week…right about the time my husband was ready to set off on a trip to the post office. At least I saved him the trip.

  2. This is strange that the Monday after the holiday is a legal holiday this year. The buses were running here though and they usually do not run on a holiday. Had everyone all confused.

    • Regardless if it’s a holiday or not I believe mass transportation will always run, even if it’s just a reduced schedule. That’s the way it worked in Portland, OR.

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