“No Snow For You”!

We dodged another bullet yesterday as the snowstorm moving across the country missed us completely in Uxbridge. I was out with a large group of seniors yesterday doing lunch at Savini’s Restaurant in Woonsocket, RI. That’s less than 10 miles from Uxbridge, MA where I now live. The Senior Center in Uxbridge sponsored a luncheon trip to Savini’s for about 50 people. We were in a convoy of vehicles including two shuttle buses and more than half a dozen cars and trucks. Not one flake of snow fell the whole time we were in Rhode Island enjoying ourselves. We were happy the snow missed us as that number of seniors traveling the roads don’t need to have their luncheon affected by bad weather. It did rain on the return trip but no snow was to be seen. Yea!



4 thoughts on ““No Snow For You”!

  1. Well, we are headed THEY say into a deep freeze (well for us). Next week highs about 28. Maybe some snow again. Coldest winter since I’ve been living here.

  2. Glad the snow is missing you and me as well. It’s pretty floating in the air and on the ground where there is no need to travel. But when we need to be coming and going, it’s a real bummer.

    • I just took a brief walk outside to deposit my trash in our dumpster. It’s bright and sunny at 39 degrees but there is a very light dusting of new snow that must have fallen last night. There’s ice on the asphalt parking lot so I was careful walking through the lot in my slippers. Slumming is so much fun! 🙂

      • I’ve gotten into a little bit of a bad habit myself this week. I’ve been dealing with an attack of the flu. Nothing super serious, but enough that I felt really yucky the past three days. I’ve been allowing myself to virtually live in my robe and slippers. I did go out for a short trip to the store yesterday, and I intended to get dressed today, but I’m taking my time. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon, and I’m still “planning” on getting dressed.

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