This is it! It’s the last day in 2016. I spent a couple of hours this morning putting together a giant collage of my life in 2016. This has been a remarkable year for me with so many changes, experiences and great people. It brought tears to my eyes looking at a lot of these photos, especially the ones of my trip to visit my sister in South Carolina.

I had one move in 2016 to my Uxbridge Calumet government housing unit. I love my new home and pray that I stay here for the rest of my life. I love Uxbridge, with its quaint New England small town feeling. I really enjoyed my 2nd Autumn here, one filled with brilliantly colored trees and gorgeous weather. 2016 was my first complete calendar year here since moving to New England October 03, 2015.

I found a new home at Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church in Whitinsville, MA. The congregation there is loving and caring. I look forward to attending services each time the doors are open. I’ve begun volunteering my time and talents at a place where God wants me to serve. I look forward to what God has planned for me and my church in 2017.

I continue to stay in touch with all my friends in Portland, OR, North Augusta, SC and Martinez, GA. My friend in Georgia has never owned or wanted a computer so I still handwrite letters as well as speak to him on the phone.

I found a new zoo, Southwick Zoo, in Mendon, MA this past year. I purchased a membership for 2016 and will consider doing so again when they reopen in April. I’ve taken plenty of photos there and love the way they have all their animals displayed outside. That’s one reason they close between November and April, for the cold Winters here.

So here’s a toast to 2016 and my best wishes to you all for 2017. May the new year bring new challenges and a healthy, happy lifestyle. Cheers!



5 thoughts on “2016

    • You need to back away to recall all that happened. I didn’t even mention the free delivered furniture and the donated air conditioner. I’ve experienced so very many blessings it’s hard to remember them all. God is so good!

  1. Happy New Year Bob and you life has changed so many time and you have always stood and found the beauty. I am happy you are where you are and remain there for the rest of your years.

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