Craziness in 2017

Wow! This year’s starting out with a bang. I haven’t been posting much lately due to weather, holiday plans and credit card fraud. Yup, those scoundrels tapped my new, secure chip debit card. I just got the replacement delivered by FedeX yesterday, signature required. My credit union froze the account pretty quickly when someone in California started using my card on iTunes, Spotify and Netflix. My checking account was reimbursed for every penny of course but it is a hassle to notify all the services tied to that card, things like monthly car insurance and my cable/internet provider. Until my funds were returned I also had to scramble to pay the rent and stop my cable/internet from being disconnected. Customer service was very understanding about suddenly not being able to withdraw funds from my account to pay their bills. We worked it all out eventually. Scammers need to burn in hell, Russian, Chinese or wherever.

I continue building things to build things. LOL What that means is that I make my own tools that I will need to build other projects. I just finished a new router table that I’ll need to make a nice shelf unit for my bathroom. I made a new shooting board and bench hook for use with my new hand plane I bought for Christmas. That tool will speed up my woodworking projects and make a higher quality finished item. It’s all good but time consuming and a bit costly on my fixed income. I must wait each month for funds to arrive allowing me to take the next step.

A shooting board is a jig for woodworking which is used in combination with a hand plane to trim and square up the edges and ends of boards. It would typically be used on a workbench. There are two specific purposes to which shooting boards are applied: jointing and end grain trimming.
A bench hook is a workbench accessory used in woodworking, and its purpose is to provide a stop against which the piece of wood being worked can be firmly held, without having to use the vice, thus saving time.


Now imagine that shooting board being used with my new block plane that arrived just before Christmas. I actually does a great job! One step at a time with lots of time but few dollars. It takes a while but in this case, I’m patient. After all, it’s Winter. I can only do so much working out of a 10′ x 20′ apartment indoors.


My new bathroom shelf unit is in the works. I have the wood and fasteners and once my new router table is fully operational I can get started on it. Remember, only hand tools are going to be used if possible. It’s a challenge and it’s terrible exciting and fun. Fun is good! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Craziness in 2017

  1. A very enlightening article, Bob. My dad would have really enjoyed it. He loved woodworking and during his lifetime, he made everything from wall-to-wall bookcases to small, intricate marquetry pictures. I spent a number of memorable hours in his workroom in our basement just conversing with him while he worked.

  2. Happy New Year. YUP, getting your card compromised is a huge pain. It happened to me 3 times last year before I got the chip card. My bank is great dealing with this stuff. Your woodworking tools look great. Have fun!

    • My two cards compromised since just September were both chip cards. The bad guys are one step ahead. Thank goodness the card companies are doing better in stopping fraudulent charges and reimbursing losses.

  3. So far I have been fortunate with my credit and debit card.
    Never heard of a bench hook. Will ask Ron about this.
    Glad you have winter so you can be inside and busy.

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