Here We Go – 1st Big Snowstorm

It’s in the forecast for today, up to 14″ or more depending on where you live. They upgraded this storm to an official blizzard just this morning. I just finished doing two loads of laundry before the first flake has fallen. I have plenty of food to last out this first round of heavy snow. It’s an all day & night snowfall so I’m glad it’s Saturday and won’t mess with people’s commute to work. The fewer cars on the roads the better.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing I live in government housing. There won’t be the need to shovel any snow or scrape and ice off the walkways. The staff here does a great job in making sure all its seniors are safe and cozy. Bring it on!


10 thoughts on “Here We Go – 1st Big Snowstorm

    • It’s coming down hard since 9:30 this morning. My car has a solid coating on it as I listen to the sounds of trucks with snow plows on them working the neighborhood.

  1. HI Bob, I’m glad you’re good and ready for the storm…lots of snow. We’re ready for our storm that is to be some snow and maybe up to an inch of ice. So we are hunkered down. WE went to McDonalds this am for breakfast which we often do once on the weekend and EVERYONE was eating with their heavy coats on. We’ve had several days of very cold and sometimes record breaking cold weather at night. All our faucets are dripping warm water and we’re keeping the house warm and our dishwasher and washer doors open. So far so good. The ZOO is closed today and I’m sure it will be closed tomorrow. So finally, chains will be required on places like W. Burnside and Sam Jackson Park Road. They ought to do it for Sylvan Hill too but I think they are going to try salt there. There is 1 truckload of salt which is bad for cars and the environment. I’m so happy that you are in a great living situation!
    Rebecca’s birthday is today and she was to do her Air National Guard duty this weekend, but they called her yesterday and told her not to come down. I was glad, but we miss her. We’ll be going up to Seattle for an opera in a couple weeks. She got a new 2017 Subaru Impressa, the mid range one and is so happy. She drove it over 800 miles between Christmas and New Year’s Day. She went to Leavenworth and went snow-shoeing with her friends. It has all kinds of safety features. We’re thinking about getting one in a few months. It has a light on the outside mirrors that let you know when a car is coming along side…etc. One think that surprised us is when we went to her friends on Christmas day it was dark when we left. She clicked to open the car and bright lights came on from the mirrors to light the path and door handle. Rebecca goes “I didn’t know it did that.”
    Take care
    Peace and Love,

    • I saw on the news that both coasts are getting hammered today. My snow has been falling since 9:30 this morning. We’ve already got a couple of inches on everything. It’s supposed to keep this up all night long. It will be interesting to see how much we get here in Uxbridge. Boston, 43 miles away, is calling for 14″.

  2. So glad you can hunker down in peace and just enjoy the beauty. That’s the thing about snow. It’s so pretty coming down and even sculpturing the landscape, but it’s so treacherous to travel in. But while you’re inside anyway, waiting out the storm, maybe you can do an extra blog post or two. Give us some more of your great photos.
    Happy New Year!

    • I;m hunkered in until sunrise where I plan to miss church and get outside to clean off my car. I live in senior government housing and the grounds crew did a great job in plowing the parking lot and keeping the sidewalks clear. I am so blessed to live in this community.

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