News From Portland

Wow, I found out what good friends I left behind in Portland, OR this week. Every one of them, 6 altogether, emailed me with news of the Northwest snowstorms they’ve been experiencing. Of course some sent pictures of the deep snow there this Winter. They are not used to such heavy snowfall as the Portland area doesn’t have snow removal equipment to clear the highways.

I know they got hammered because all 6 emails came from different friends simultaneously. Two of them were photography students so they sent lots of pictures. LOL Well done!

I still consider Portland my home for 10 years with lots of friends who still care enough to keep communication lines open. They are also all followers of my blog so I know they’ll be reading this post. 🙂 Thanks ladies for being such good friends! 🙂 The photos posted below were taken by Pat Nelson, a good friend & photographer in Portland, OR.



The final two photos were taken by Liz Campbell, one of my former photography students. You go Liz, great shots!



First Snow Day At The Oregon Zoo


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