Rockwell Bladerunner X2

Each month I try to add one tool to my growing arsenal, allowing me to expand my capabilities and increase my speed and accuracy involving my woodworking hobby. I got started in woodworking many decades ago, having grown up in a family with generations of carpenters, contractors and woodworking enthusiasts.

To that end this month’s purchase is a type of powered saw table utilizing a jigsaw mounted upside down on it’s own sturdy base. The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 is a second generation tabletop tool that is capable of cutting wood, plastic, metal & ceramic goods accurately and smoothly.

As with all my purchases I did as much research on this product before plunking down the $99.95 for this portable, versatile tool. My initial questions concerned the quality of a saw that sells for so little while promising hobbyists an accurate, easy to use saw.

Scrollsaw/jigsaw tables are not new to the market. There are plans all over YouTube showing you how to build your own. I considered this option and decided to purchase the Bladerunner based on Rockwell’s good reputation for quality made tools.

I did build my own router table just last week that works great using my small handheld Dewalt router. That tool was purchased with two bases, a fixed base and a plunge base. By mounting the fixed base upside down in my new router table I’m able to get two power tools for the price of one. The router motor releases from its base in seconds to allow  insertion in the plunge router base for handheld use.

The Bladerunner X2 is lightweight, portable and easy to setup. It took me all of 30 seconds to insert the safety guide and put in a new blade. The key to any saw, handheld or powered, is the quality of the blade. I opted for a package of 5 Festool 486548 S 75/2.5 Fine-Cut Jigsaw Blades. In my opinion they are the sharpest, highest quality blades on the market. Instead of buying a variety pack of blades I bought the specific blades designed for clean, fast cuts in wood. For $11.00 I got 5 blades I know I’ll use on a daily basis.

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 tabletop saw comes with a metal fence and partially metal crosscut guide. I immediately added a hardwood extension piece to the crosscut sled to improve performance. The build quality of the accessories isn’t the best but can be modified in this fashion to be sturdy and accurate.

I’ve only made a couple of cuts with my new saw and can tell the addition of Festool quality blades was a good decision. There’s little vibration and the resulting cuts were smooth, square and put no heavy workload on the table’s saw motor.

So that’s my initial report on my latest acquisition to my tiny shop. The whole assembly weighs less than 15 pounds and has a built-in handle making it a snap to put on my workbench. The rubberized feet grip my workbench top providing a solid non-slip tool. It works for me! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Rockwell Bladerunner X2

  1. Wow! Ron would have loved a tool like that instead of our table saw. Will show him later. Are blades still carbide? Ron said they were the best and only bought one at a time instead of a set. You will truly do a lot with your new tool.

    • I bought this power tool just to save a ton of time. My goal is to use it to cut close to my marked lines. I will then hand plane to the finished dimensions. Jigsaw blades are not carbide nor do they need to be because of the inherent rough cuts jigsaws produce. Because I’m using hand tools to achieve the accurate finished cuts my shooting board and plane get used more than any other tool. I use a sharp chisel for the tight inside work or to remove hardened glue squeeze out.

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