Clean Clean Clean Volume 2

A few days ago I put up a post talking about handling all the sawdust I generate by using power tools inside my tiny apartment. I knew there would be a wet/dry shop vacuum needed in the near future. Little did I realize how near. While shopping in my local Koopmans Lumber/Hardware store I talked about my needs with an expert salesman that I’ve worked with before. I know he’s willing to go the extra mile to fulfill my needs so I asked him about Shop Vac brand wet/dry vacuums. He just happened to have a great selection that included the perfect sized 6 gallon 3 hp model with a nice assortment of attachments. The 8 ft long hose was particularly attractive for reaching to the vacuum ports of my two benchtop power tools, including my newly completed router table.

Before long that salesman was checking the warehouse availability of that model and to my delight he had one in stock. He headed back to fetch one while I began checking out at the front cash register. It only took him a few minutes to join me up front with my new Shop Vac, an American made product I might add. Their sale price of $54.95 matched the best online price at and I took it straight home, no need for the two day free shipping. I always buy locally when I can, even if the price is slightly higher than online. In this case I got a good deal from my mom & pop store.

Now I can drill the 1 1/4″ hole in my router table’s dust port I built into the unit. No more spraying sawdust all over my apartment. Yea! With all the other attachments included I can clean my hardwood floors and the two rugs in my apartment. This Shop Vac comes with 4 caster wheels built into the 6 gallon canister so I can pull it around just like a canister vacuum. The slip-on foam filter is removable and washable. I’m happy! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Clean Clean Clean Volume 2

  1. We got a little one years ago and it has been great. I try to buy locall or family run businesses. I do a fair amount of shopping from amazon and often it is their trucks that deliver. Sometimes, like the flute cd that I ordered the other day was from Bend. HAve a great day.

    • LOL What I need is a 12′ square shed with power and lights in my backyard. I fear those days are long gone. I must admit I’m getting old at dirt and slow down and accept my lot in life.

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