Let It Begin

flag    I couldn’t help myself, I watched the inauguration yesterday! It sort of dominated the airways if you know what I mean. It is, after all, a part of our history here in these United States of America.

I don’t understand the need to march in the streets, protest and then destroy property while you riot. Who wins when you get arrested for violent acts because you don’t agree with political candidates? Great, now you’ve got a police record! Are the people marching against the newly elected presidents the same people who got out to campaign for their candidate? Did you even vote?

Our country is turning into a bunch of whiners. Would you like a little cheese with that whine? I had my supermarket fruit & veggie man tell me yesterday that  he planned to attend a local demonstration against president Trump. He didn’t feel Mr. Trump had the qualifications to be our president. Hello, he was sworn in yesterday! The time to support your candidate is before they lose. Donald J. Trump hasn’t spent 24 hours as our legally elected president and you already want him impeached? That’s ridiculous! Give the guy a chance to screw up before you go out and march to run him out of town on a rail. I had my podiatrist, a Canadian citizen, tell me yesterday that he’s ready to go back to Canada because he dislikes Donald Trump so much. Obviously he can’t vote for our president so it might be better if he leaves.

I voted for Donald Trump. I voted for Barack Obama, twice. I voted for both the Bush family and I even voted for Bill Clinton. I’m an independent voter who makes a decision on a candidate and then backs off and lets him rule with my full support. Give the president a chance! I don’t agree with half the stuff President Obama did but what he did do was to drag this country through a terrible period in our history. Give president Trump a chance! He might surprise you and make America great again! And please, stop whining!

3 thoughts on “Let It Begin

  1. Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr, Bob. I do hope he’ll surprise us in a positive way. That’d be some good news. Europe is very worried. We have big history books giving us every reason to be concerned.

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