Fighting Tyranny

With the document signed by our new president sanctuary cities, like Boston, will have government funds stopped for our area. There’s a solution to this legislation, withhold all tax payments to the federal government from citizens of Massachusetts. If Trump wants to play hardball with citizens our Constitution gives us the right to protest tyranny. I’m glad the mayor of Boston has publically supported our Latino citizens, whether they are legally here or not. Trump is starting to sound like a dictator. It won’t work in this country. Do you hear me president Trump? We put you in the Whitehouse, we can take you out!

2 thoughts on “Fighting Tyranny

  1. Hi Bob, It’s scary times! And Pence isn’t any better. We might get a new car this year with up to date safety features. If HE does what he says he’s going to do the price will jump to where we can’t consider it. If he messes up trade it will affect 500,000 workers in Oregon alone. And this crap goes on and on and he’s only been in office a week. I read an article in the Roots newspaper, the homeless newspaper…that what HE says he most of the times does the exact opposite. Scott doesn’t think he’ll last long. HMM.
    I hope you are well and enjoying your wood working.

    • People would tend to chuckle if they saw the satisfaction I get from working wood with hand tools, something I’m learning during Winter months. I just cut off a thick chunk of hardwood salvaged from a trash dumpster outside my apartment. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The sawed off piece left an edge smoother than sandpaper could ever achieve. I use a Japanese style backsaw with a very thing blade and fine teeth. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face. 🙂

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