Tribute To My Friends

I just received a wonderful email from two of my best friends, Mae & Marion Malcom. These sweethearts live in North Augusta, SC. They’ve been happily married for nearly 4 years now after Marion’s lifelong loved one passed away due to a long illness.

Marion will soon be 70 and Mae is 80. If I hadn’t met Mae in person this past September I wouldn’t have believed she was 80. We first met about 3 years ago when she and her newlywed husband, Marion, took a honeymoon trip around the country in their pickup truck. We spent 3-4 days together seeing the beautiful scenery around the Portland area. It was my sincere pleasure taking them to half a dozen sites.

Marion sent me a recent photo of the two of them that obviously was taken by a professional. They are in so much love it hurts. My prayer is that they spend the rest of their lives happily together.







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