Favorite Doggies

Looking through my archives of dog portraits I’ve put together a collage of my favorites. This collection represents about 15 years of doggies from a myriad of states, locations and camera gear. I’ve been doing this photography thing since 1970, 47 years. I hope you enjoy this selection!

Each of these portraits has its own story. The first three of the Scottie were of Bonnie, owned by the Armstrong family I stayed with during my first 6 months after moving to Massachusetts. On the top right we have Blanca, one of my sister’s doggies that I photographed while visiting her in South Carolina last September. I hadn’t seen my sister for 11 years. In the center row on the left is a miniature Dachshund named Amber. She too was owned by the Armstrongs and sadly passed away during my stay after her loss to cancer. 😦 The two bloodhounds in the middle were rescue dogs present at an Oregon Rescue Team Convention held at Multnomah Falls annually. I sent these portraits to the dog’s handlers as a thank you for their service in saving lives. The miniature Dachshund in the center right was a pet owned by one of my coworkers at Intel Corporation, Alex, from the Ukraine. His pet was named Da Vinci and only understood commands in Russian. On the bottom left was Bishop, an Australian Sheepdog owned by the Armstrong family. Bishop had the most beautiful coat and the softest, warmest tongue you ever want in your ear. LOL Finally on the bottom right you have my one of my niece’s doggies, a Cocker Spaniel rescued by her after its owners abandoned the dog because of the veterinary bill for having it’s eye removed due to a serious infection. Suzanne worked at that animal hospital and fell in love with the orphaned puppy who was already 11 years old at the shooting of this portrait in September of 2016. He’s had a great life thanks to my loving niece.

So there you have it, my collection of memorable dog pictures and the story behind each one. That’s the beauty of photography. Each picture is tied to specific time, place, owner and story.



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