In Defense Of Zoos

Zoos sometimes get a bad rap from tree hugging environmentalists. These extremists preach that a captive animal is a miserable animal, tortured by just being away from its natural habitat. I strongly disagree with these assessments. Zoo animals are born in zoos primarily. They are cared for by the most loving workers and veterinarians. The zoo’s education programs alert the visiting public to endangered species and what we can do to preserve the animal kingdom.

As far as captive animals what about dogs, cats, parrots, turtles and many other house pets loved and cared for by humans for thousands of years. If you’ve ever been to a modern zoo and seen how well the animals are cared for you might change your mind about the “poor” captive animals.

In this strange society we live in we want to free the poor animals but kill thousands of unborn human babies a year. Where are our social priorities then?


3 thoughts on “In Defense Of Zoos

  1. I’ve heard these criticisms and think they are unfair. Certainly the zoos of my childhood era would have been grim places for the animals even with loving keepers but today zoos go to a lot of trouble to reproduce the animals native habitats and set up breeding programs which help the species survive. Not only that but for many people it is the only way they will ever see non domesticated animals and if they see them they must feel something for them and want to protect them in the wild as well. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

    • Orangutans are a prime example. They only come from Borneo & Sumatra. Their habitat is disappearing so that the natives can make more palm oil for profit. The zoos are educating the public to boycott products made with palm oil if they wish to save the orangutans.

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