A Simple Project

The day after our blizzard I spent some time digging out my car from a snow drift. I thoroughly cleaned the outside of the car for good visibility and safety required by law. Nothing worse than 8 inches of snow left on a roof to blow off into the car behind you.

Once cleaned I simply jumped in my warm little SmartCar and drove right through my plowed in car. I think of my SmartCar as a snowmobile on wheels. It never loses traction and simply goes where you steer it. Out into the parking lot I went, heading for my local lumber/hardware store to pick up supplies for a particular woodworking project, a framed pegboard.

The (2) 1″x3″x8′ frame material was pre painted white making the job even easier. I simply cut the rails & stiles to length, drilled two pocket holes in each end and screwed it all together. I used a French cleat system of hanging things on walls without the need for nails or screws. The cleat was fastened to my wall using 3M Command fastener strips that can be removed in seconds without damaging the walls.

Before I screwed together the final piece of the frame, the top, I had to miter a 45 degree edge on both the top rail as well as the mounting cleat, slightly shorter than the top frame piece. This allows me to level the support piece before hanging the frames pegboard assembly. It is all very neat and tidy while remaining sturdily mounted to my wall. I bought an assortment of pegboard hooks to hang my small hand tools on the unit. I love it!




6 thoughts on “A Simple Project

    • You can see in the video how much weight a French cleat can support. I used 3 Velcro stickers on the back of my 30″ French cleat, each rated at 9 lbs. That should be more than enough. It’s all hanging on my bedroom wall right now. I like it!

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