Bob’s Micro-Shop

I chuckle as I finished up new additions to my mico-shop this week. It actually helps me organize my woodworking hobby by providing storage and workspace for some of my hand tools. Before I built this tiny area I had to walk back into my kitchen pantry where shelf units held all the tools seen in the photo below. Now everything I regularly use is out front, visible and in a handy location to my makeshift workbench, a Black & Decker 425 with a quarter sheet of MDF clamped to the top. That too will change in the near future as I have plans for a brand new workbench I intend to build in March. It will have a 30″ x 60″ x 5′ birch butcher block top 1 3/4″ thick. I’m planning on making the sturdy bottom support bench below that great top myself. It’s all part of my master plan.

I find it interesting that I was asked to do tool reviews by a popular online publication this week. I declined because I’m new to handtools and don’t feel I am qualified to give my opinion on anything. I am not worthy. I’ve been watching workshop tours of shops bigger than the entire 4 unit building I’m in much less my 10’x20′ apartment. You can put my mico-workshop in the floor space of a twin size bed. Still, I feel complete once again as I continue my love of all things wood.

So here’s a glimpse in the next stage of my micro-shop development. I’ll continue posting and updating my progress. My new Lie-Nielsen No. 62 low angle Jack plane should be nearing completion as that company is building my first full size hand plane. I’ve already purchased a low angle Block Plane No. 102 from them along with a No. 271 mini router plane. I used them both in the construction of the components pictured below. Lie-Nielsen makes wonderful tools.





2 thoughts on “Bob’s Micro-Shop

    • It’s just the beginning. Wait to you see the shop with the full size workbench complete with a Moxon vise I was just looking at. Right now that bench is just $400 from being a reality. Slave labor included of course. 🙂

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