Winter Wonderland At Midnight

Just opened my front door long enough to snap a picture at midnight. The maintenance guys plowed just before I went to bed at 9 p.m. so we picked up an additional inch or so since then. I think we added another 6 inches to the pile we already had. The plowed pile at the entrance to our parking lot is already well over 10 feet high. Looks kind of pretty doesn’t it?

I don’t know if I’ll be willing to venture out Monday to once again clean off my car. It’s again covered with 6″ of fresh snow. If I see the plows out I might quickly clean and move it so the plow can clean out my parking spot. My car is kind of buried in there somewhere. LOL

Follow up: I cleaned my car off completely this morning because I heard our maintenance guys out plowing our sidewalks and parking lot. As soon as I backed my car out of my slot I picked an empty, clean one to pull into as I continued the cleaning job. Mike got the idea and immediately moved in to clear out my normal slot. I finished it off with my flat dirt shovel that I prefer to the traditional big curved snow shovel. I dirt shovel is solid steel that can clean down to the pavement, scooping up big chunks of ice that develops under the snow. I fine tuned my parking spot this way as well as getting down to pavement on the walking ramps leading to my front door.



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