My New “Man” Chair

It’s here and sitting where my old chair used to sit. The furniture company that sold me my new La-Z-Boy chair delivered it just after noon today. It took all of 5 minutes to yank out the old chair and set up the new one in the same spot in my living room. I barely had time to dust mop the area where the old chair sat. I was amazed that the old footstool nearly matched the new chair. That’s cool, even through that old stool is worn out. I think I’ll test it out for the next hour or so just to make sure it’s a fit for my home. 🙂


9 thoughts on “My New “Man” Chair

    • LOL Of course you may sit in any chair or couch you wish. The previous chair was a lovely gift that served its purpose for the past 10 months. Because of the holiday sales I decided to get something better to carry forward. I’ve sat in my new chair once and already fallen asleep trying it out. 🙂

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