For Tree Huggers Out There

This post is for those do gooders who claim keeping elephants captive in zoos is cruel. If it wasn’t for zoos orphans and injured elephants in the wild wouldn’t survive. Imagine killing elephants for their ivory tusks and just for feeding on land natives want to turn into palm oil farms. Here’s the story of a rescue elephant at the Oregon Zoo.


4 thoughts on “For Tree Huggers Out There

  1. And look at all the species of animals we’ve been able to return to the wild like the condors.
    About 20 years ago I had a wonderful science friend( she had her own microbiology lam and did lots of research) who was complaining about using animals in medical research. I said, well, do you want to do the trials on humans?
    When I did my chaplaincy training in Michigan one of the other students did a number of trials till he couldn’t take the reactions anymore.
    My sister-in-law was in cancer research for quite a few years and it took her many years to develop a drug. They tried it on 3 dogs and they all died.
    The protests in this case just don’t look at what they are protesting. We had a guy at church who quit teaching to become kind of a “professional” protester to change the world. He just didn’t seem to think the issues through.
    On the other hand, I ‘m very thankful for the political protests. We’re not just taking “it” lying down.
    Hope you have a great day.

    • Through my years as an animal photographer I’ve learn so very much from the Oregon Zoo. They do a great job of educating their visitors to the plight of endangered species. To suggest they are “harming” the animals they care for is to deny the facts, that these animals are being preserved, bred and introduced to a caring ring of like zoos.

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