This Month’s Decision

Each and every month I try to improve my life. It may come in the form of increased comfort such as my new Lazy Boy chair or it may be continuing my quest to increase to quality of my tool collection. In general I can only afford one purchase a month so I do a lot of research concerning my decisions.

In the month of March I’m looking at a brand new table saw. Table saws are a major purchase for any home shop and the prices vary so wildly you have to know what you want from the tool and stick to your original goals. Vary even a little and the price soars. You can spend under $200 or over $2,000 on a table saw.

In my research in the last few days I stumbled across a company here in the United States that makes all their tools in South Carolina. Their ratings are favorable and they give you a lot of bsng for your hard earned money. The Company is Genesis Tools located at:

As you may know by now I’m a huge fan of buying American made products whenever possible. Usually that means paying a higher price to get the quality you need. All 3 of my hand planes come from Lie-Nielsen in Warren, ME, for example. In the case of Genesis Tools their prices are half as much for the least expensive quality tools on the market. Dewalt id a favorite power tool maker that I always consider for my purchases but they do farm out some of their manufacturing to foreign countries. My consideration for my table saw, the DeWalt DW745 for example, is made in Taiwan. It also costs exactly twice the price of the Genesis model I’m considering.

I’ve listed the Pros & Cons of both saws and will base my final decision on what I’m willing to give up and exactly how I intend to use a table saw. If large capacity ripping is important the DeWalt wins. If cost is a big factor the Genesis wins not only for the initial price but the goodies you get with your purchase widen the gap even further. The Genesis comes with a sturdy steel table and a 40 tooth carbide blade. The Dewalt, at twice the basic price, doesn’t. I would need to buy a blade and lumber to build a support table.

Unfortunately I just discovered that Genesis saw is made in China. What a bummer! I may still buy that Genesis saw because of the company’s honesty. It’s still less than half the cost of a DeWalt and includes a perfect carbide blade and sturdy stand, saving me a lot more money.




7 thoughts on “This Month’s Decision

  1. Had to choose sometimes because each one doesn’t have what you want, but I think you will choose the Genesis GTS 10SB. Decisions, decisions.

    • I was initially fooled because people commenting kept saying it was made in the USA. Finally, in full disclosure, Genesis put a statement that the saw is made in China. Good for them! I still won’t know my final decision as the price is still really low and the comments about good quality still apply.

    • I try very hard by looking for choices that assure me an item is made in America. Lie-Nielsen makes top quality woodworking tools and has their American factory in Warren, ME. I’ve purchased three of their planes so far and couldn’t be happier.

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