Who Do You Believe?

Reviews are generally a dime a dozen for today’s online shopper. No item can be the best thing since sliced bread and the worst thing I ever bought at the same time. 5 stars versus 1 start flame ratings exist everywhere.

When it comes to buying tools why would you believe a professional contractor’s review of a $17 carbide saw blade? What’s a professional doing buying cheap tools to begin with? What does that say about the quality of his work?

I used to get tickled reading reviews about camera gear. I’ve been a photographer for nearly 50 years and have own too many different cameras & lenses to remember them all. When I give a review it’s based on decades of first hand experience as both an avid amateur and a seasoned professional. Not everything I owned was worth the price I paid for it.

I’m buying a new table saw today. I’ve been reading reviews and watching dozens of YouTube videos on each model that interests me. I’ve read countless article on the top 5-10 table saws on the market and compared specifications. I know what my needs are for any tool I’m purchasing and make purchases accordingly. I don’t buy things with 20 features and gadgets I’ll never use. K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple stupid!

So when it came time to buy a good general purpose table saw blade I read all the reviews and made a decision. I ordered the blade through an online vendor specializing in tool sales that offered free shipping and no sale tax. Amazon’s bottom line price was higher to cover their “free” shipping and they charge Massachusetts sales tax.  That proved to be a deal breaker. Sales tax on a $300 table saw covers the cost of my blade.

So listen closely to the old adage that “If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is”! I don’t stop shopping just because I have an Amazon Prime account!

Examples of reviews from Amazon customers on the saw blade I just ordered:

One Star –

I’m a pro furniture builder and I needed a blade for our job site saws. This was a good price and had consistently good reviews. My go-to for job sites is the Freud Diablo. This blade is the most worthless blade I’ve ever purchased!!! I started out using it on a sliding compound miter saw. This blade flexes like a wet knoodle! The cuts were as smooth, straight, and consistent as if I used a RotoZip. The blade chattered all over. At all feed speeds. I then switched it over to a standard miter saw, not sliding, and it wasn’t any better. SAVE YOUR MONEY. I’m pretty damn annoyed about how bad this blade was. Worst I’ve ever used.

Five Star –

I was pleasantly surprised by this blade. I have to admit, my expectations were not high as I mostly purchase name brand blades and there weren’t any reviews, so I decided to take a chance. At it’s current cost of around $13, it is an excellent value. I have a Dewalt 10″ miter saw and had a 60T blade for cuts that was nearly the end of it’s life. To be honest, I was never satisfied with the Dewalt blade performance. I wanted a blade with more teeth for more precise cuts as I’m doing woodworking that requires little or no tear out. Here is what I like about it…

+ Excellent clean, precise cuts out of the box
+ Virtually no tear out
+ Little or no sanding on your cuts!
+ Very sharp out of the package
+ Arrived in a protected plastic tube sleeve around the blade
+ Amazing value

I would highly recommend this blade if you are on a budget and want a good quality blade. The price to performance value is outstanding. I’m not sure of blade longevity but will update this review if I encounter any pitfalls. I picked up a few more as backups.

Saw Blade


3 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe?

  1. well the carbide is great and that is about all I know about blades. Bought Ron the carbide blade about. 30 years ago? Roughly. Hope you find a good blade.

    • I will but it’s worth the $18 trying out an off brand version. I always have the 24 tooth carbide blade that comes with the saw for a backup should the blade that’s ordered separately not work out.

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