Winter’s Last Gasp?

Wishful thinking I’m sure! A tiny storm dropped 1″-3″ of snow in our area today. The temperature was sitting right at 32 degrees during the whole event so nothing stuck to the sidewalks or asphalt parking lots. Only the cars and ground was given a coating today. That’s my idea of a pretty snow event. Is it the last for 2017? I doubt it!

The picture below was taken pointing my camera out my kitchen window. I’m looking at my long sidewalk lined with housing units identical to my own. #20 at the end of the sidewalk is occupied by Edith, my friend from the Uxbridge Senior Center. I’m in #10 looking straight ahead at her front door.



2 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Gasp?

  1. Hi Bob, We had a thing blanket of snow a few days a go…which quickly melted. On that day, we had rain, hail, sun and grazzle (ice in raindrops). We’re finally getting into 50oF weather. We couldn’t believe Scott’s boss let people off an hour early to enjoy the sun. We’ve had 23 or 24 days of RAIN. We took the dogs to the dog park and that was a lot of fun. Daisy loves to chase the ball and Kermit loves to run with the other dogs…sometimes wrestle with them and go up to the humans for pets. He did a fair amount of running today and they are both very tired. Take care.

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