It’s All Coming Together

My little woodworking is coming together nicely. I have a few items, some large, some small, that are in the mail. I decided, finally, on the more expensive DeWalt DW745 because of the quality and versatility of this model. It can’t handle dado blades but I have a homemade router table for doing grooves and dados. I also have a small woodworking vice coming made by Irwin. I watched a YouTube video on this item and need to give it a try. It was less than $20 which is what made it so interesting. Finally I have a centering puch for starting holes to be drilled. This is a small $5 purchase that can get used a lot in any size shop. It beats using a nail to start a drill bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, along with these three items we have a Nor’Easter heading our way Tuesday. My table saw is already in NJ so I might get lucky on an early delivery. Otherwise I may have to wait an extra day or two for its arrival.

The tablesaw is key to a lot of upcoming projects. ย With the tablesaw I can resaw wood to thinner stock that can be used for drawers and tapered table legs. Once the saw is here I can go about making a custom crosscut sled that allows for accurate 90 degree repeatable cuts on any piece of wood. Combined with my No. 62 low angle jack plane from Lie-Nielsen I can take the crosscut pieces and put finished, precise edges on those parts. All these tools can jack the quality of woodworking projects up a number of notches, not only in the ease of making parts but the repeatable fit and finish of everything. Remember, all of this must fit in a 10’x20′ room that is also my home. ๐Ÿ™‚

I bought (6) 2″x4″x8′ clear lumber for $20 yesterday for building a new saw table stand as well as the crosscut sled. I have a scrap piece of 3/4″ MDF to use in the construction of that sled as well. Accurate, repeatable results in woodworking are closely knit to homemade jigs that make all the difference in the world. With either my new table saw of my homemade router table I can make box joint jigs for use in making drawers or boxes. Think about it, a bookcase is a box, cabinets are boxes as are tables with drawers or even a dresser. Most furniture is about box making.

So bring on the snow! I’m in my toasty warm apartment with a pile of new wood and a great set of quality hand tools as well as a growing list of super power tools. I can make stuff, all kinds of stuff! LOL

Irwin Woodworker's Vise

Dewalt 745 Table Saw

Tablesaw Crosscut Sled


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