Lookout For Tuesday

Here we go again, another Nor’Easter is headed for New England all day Tuesday. There are high winds in the forecast and bunches of snow as the high will only make it to 30. The grocery store was packed Sunday in anticipation for the worst snowstorm of this Winter. I’m well stocked myself in preparation for this one day event. We’ll be digging out Wednesday. 😦



3 thoughts on “Lookout For Tuesday

  1. This has been such a dreadful winter. I hope you stay nice and warm. Scott’s boss let every one go home 1 hour early Friday I guess because the sun was out. We had 24 straight days of rain. Finally, for the first time this year we got up to 6 0oF. I pruned the roses in the back yard after we got back home from Seattle. It was a nice opera weekend with Rebecca.

    • One advantage of living in a senior public housing community is the utilities are included as is the parking lot and sidewalk snow removal. Since my heat is free I stay toasty warm. I have the thermostat set for 70. The humidity stay around 30% which sure beats South Carolina where I lived for 13 years. This will mark our third snowstorm of more than 7″ and they’re calling for more than a foot. I’m cozy!

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