Crosscut Sled

After lunch at our Senior Center today I dived into my first woodworking project with my new table saw. I was determined to complete my crosscut sled that rides in the miter gauge slots on the table top. I glued and screwed custom cut oak slats 3/4″ wide and 3/8″deep. I ran into a snag when I noticed the rails ran smoothly until the neared the front edge of the saw. There both rails bogged down and stuck. It was a manufacturing defect in the slots tapering at their end in front. I had no choice but to take more oak off the slides to get the sled to run smoothly the whole length of the slots. After getting close I used candle wax to ease the final friction, getting the sled to move easily. Ta Da, one each crosscut sled competed. I then proceeded to finish the sled, cut a groove down the center to be used to register future cuts and secure the front and rear fences making sure the front one was exactly 90 degrees to the saw blade. I then tried it all out cutting two 2″x4″s for my new workbench. Perfection!

I also managed to buy a reduction fitting for my saw’s dust collection port. With the coupling I connected my shopvac to the saw and used it while making the cuts for my workbench. Success!



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