The Saw Is Here The Saw Is Here

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the delivery of my new DeWalt DW745 table saw I have it in my hands. It was delivered a day late by FedEx yesterday afternoon. The delivery driver was in a rush to catch up on a lost day due to our blizzard Tuesday. She dumped it on my doorstep and didn’t even bother to knock on my door to let me know it had arrived. When I opened the front door I saw her scurrying down the sidewalk with another package. At a 53 lb shipping weight the saw was not light for her to transport I’m sure. I had to drag it into my apartment as the box it came in was huge and awkward. I carved the saw out of the box with a box cutter. It came completely assembled so with one mighty effort I placed the unwrapped saw on my tiny workbench. That will change.

One of my first projects is to use my new saw to build a new, sturdy workbench measuring 2’x4′ by 36″ high. I just happen to have a sheet of 3/4″ MDF exactly that size from my old bench. Even that is likely to be temporary as I intend to order a birch butcher block style bench top that’s 60″x30″x1 3/4″ thick. I’ll simply center the bigger, thicker top right in the middle of the newest bench. That larger, thicker and sturdier top costs $166 from Global Industrial Supply. Obviously I’ve been doing my homework. It’s all part of my master shop plan and you know I love it when a plan comes together! LOL

Today is the first full day with the new saw. I intend to finish my crosscut sled for the saw that will make building my 2nd bench much easier. I already have all the materials for that sled and have started building it. I cut two solid oak runners for the saw table miter slots. The saw works perfectly and the hand planes I bought made short work out of dialing in the exact width and thickness of the runners. I already have the sled base sitting on top of my new saw waiting for final alignments to affix the runners. The rest will come together quickly.

I won’t bore you with the same pictures I posted in my “It’s All Coming Together’ post from a few days ago. I will take the time later today to photograph my actual saw and when the sled is complete I’ll capture in on camera as well. The new bench might take me a few days. I’m not as young as I used to be so I work until I’m tired and then take a nap. 🙂

DeWalt DW745


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