Progress Report

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I skipped lunch and the festivities at my Senior Center today as I don’t care for crowds and today was the busiest day of the year. Our chef, Lynn McPherson, made corn beef and cabbage, a traditional St. Patty’s Day meal. She broke from the regular fish luncheon made on Fridays because of the holiday.

I kept busy right from sunrise, getting out to do some shopping at my local CVS pharmacy for fish oil and vitamin D capsules. They had a two for one half price sale on these items. It still cost me $50 but I now have a year’s supply of both. Even over the counter medications are expensive. Still wish I had a Costco nearby because I know they could beat that price.

Anyway I dove into completing a few woodworking projects. The first thing completed was my crosscut sled for the new table saw. I still haven’t taken the time to pretty it up but it’s a working, functional tool at this point.

Next in line was the start on my new workbench. I used that crosscut sled to cut all the 2″x4″ pieces for the top and bottom frame that will support the top as well as a utility shelf below. Once installed those flat boards will add tremendous rigidity to the bench. I must still assemble the bottom shelf frame and 4 legs before finalizing the build. I may just wait and order my new butcher block birch bench top and complete the 5’x30″ version of the final bench. Otherwise I’ll waste the 2’x4′ MDF top I’m presently using. I could use that board for a separate saw table with storage. That would save time & money.

So below is my first photograph of my actual saw with the crosscut sled on top. It’s a start!

DeWalt DW745 & Crosscut Sled

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