Enjoy A Dip In The Pool

Samudra is the older brother to Lily, the Oregon Zoo’s youngest Indian elephant. He was born in 2008 to Tusko & Rose-Tu. The Oregon Zoo complete Elephant Lands, an ambitious project that took years to complete. Once open to the public visitors could walk all through the elephant exhibit looking at their environment from raised walkways. One section of the elephant’s environment includes a giant outdoor poor that looks like a natural pond in the wild.

Elephants love water! I remember little Lily running full speed into the older pool used before Elephant Lands was completed. I’ve seen teenaged elephants put their heads and faces directly into the high pressure fire hydrants used to fill the old pool. The elephants look for any excuse to get into water.

I was just sent a notification of a new video on YouTube showing Samudra frollicking in the new larger elephant pool in the Elephant Land exhibit. I find these short video clips delightful. I hope you enjoy this latest addition.


4 thoughts on “Enjoy A Dip In The Pool

  1. Bob, I imagine you miss being able to see these wonderful creatures in person. I wonder whether the elephants like the sensation of less weight that we all have in the water? I bet it feels freeing to them as it does to us, only more so!

    • I do miss seeing all the animals at the Oregon Zoo. Here in Massachusetts the Southwick Zoo is seasonal, closing from November 1st to April 15. They don’t have elephants here and just two scrawny lions. Still I look forward to their opening in a month. It signals Spring is here.

  2. Yes, enjoyed this. Hope to go to the zoo soon with a friend when we get better weather and make sure to see the elephants. Carol wants to see them again also. They did an awesome job for them.

    • I’m grateful for my zoo friends as well as my subscription to the Oregon Zoo on YouTube. They send me notices of new videos concerning the zoo so that I can keep up with what’s happening at the Oregon Zoo.

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