I have a mental image in my mind what I want my new workbench to look like. The closest concept design I could find is pictured below. It’s a small Roubo split type bench with thick top and plenty of bench dog holes for grasping wood. I’m making the final dimensions 5′ L x 31 1/2″ W x 2 1/4″ thick on the top. I’m going to be ordering a solid birch bench top from Global Industries that measures 1 3/4″ thick. I intend to place this top atop a 3/4″ thick sheet of flat MDF. That will allow me dog holes just over 2″ deep, plenty for a couple of holdfasts. I think I’ll go with a small woodworker’s vice on the end and a portable moxon vice I can clamp on the benchtop.

The dimensions will be scaled down a bit from what the picture depicts. My legs will be laminated 2″x 4″s giving me about 3 1/2″ square legs, plenty strong to support the lighter 2″ thick top. I intend to cut my butcher block top in half with a 1 1/2″ slit in the middle for a board that can be raised for use as a clamping surface. I’m not sure if I’ll settle for round dog holes or square ones. Round are easier to drill and easier to make dogs.

The storage shelf I have planned will hold my table saw when not in use as well as my ShopVac for sawdust collection. If there’s room left I’ll put my Rockwell Roadrunner 2 jigsaw table on the shelf as well. I may attack a heavy plastic tarp to cover the storage area.

I’ve started the build and simply awaiting the funds to finish the workbench and order that top. I also need cash to order the hardware to build my portable moxon vise. It’s going to be a thing of beauty when completed.

Moxon Vice by Benchcrafted

Moxon Vise Plans

Concert For A Small Split Top Roubo Style Workbench

Spit Top Ruobo Workbench Concept


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