Dreaming of Wood

Are you the type of person that obsesses about projects/trips etc.? I had a hard time sleeping last night because of thinking about a better way to make the table legs for my new workbench. I’ll be making them using 2″x4″x8′ construction lumber that literally measures 1 1/2″x3 1/2″x96″. My legs were going to be 32″ long and I’m laminating two of them together to come up with 3″x3″x32″ legs. The problem was that a 96″ board will only yield two legs out of that 8′ length because the saw kerf is 1/8″ wide times two boards, leaving me 1/4″ short for that third leg. I decided to simply shorten the 32″ length to 31 1/2″ long legs to get the extra board from that 2″x4″x96′ original. Since each leg’s final dimensions are now 3″x3″x31 1/2″ long it take 8 of those to wind up with 4 completed legs. I trimmed 1/2″ off the 4 boards I had already cut and tipped both side to the desired 3″ literal width for assembly, being careful to make the lengths exactly 31 1/2″ long. Any small differences will be hand planed off after the legs have been laminated to their square shape.

All this kept me awake for a while last night planning the step by step workflow to pull this off. You see, once the legs are completed and the edges slightly rounded over, I can begin the assembly of my workbench. Keep in mind that the top and bottom support frames are already constructed. I’m getting relatively close to getting my new bench. On April 12 I can go ahead and place my order for the new butcher block birch benchtop from Global Industries. By the end of April I should be working on my new workbench. It’s a plan! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Wood

  1. Yes, I think we all stay awake thinking about what is bothering us. Just cannot shake it, but did you figure it out? Then this was worth it as we do not have to go to work. Right!

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