I’m not too old yet to get inspired. When I come across new talent I admire everything about them, their vocabulary, the way they present themself, the way they articulate their skills. Such was the case with Mark at Gunflint Designs, a YouTube channel created by this woodworker/photographer. Of course you realize I have the same two passions in my life so immediately we have a few things in common.

Mark is young, at least half my age. I can hear his two young children in the background of some of his videos. Living in Wyoming his landscape photographs are really great! In one of his woodworking videos he made an extra large custom picture frame for one of those scenic captures that was stunning. I have commented on his videos and subscribed to his channel.

Since I have a nice table saw now I think I’ll make a large frame for one of my favorite animal shots of Zawadi, the male lion at the Oregon Zoo. I already have the 20″x30″ print waiting for framing so It’s just a matter of getting in the mood to build that big frame. It will look magnificent on my wall.

Zawadi Framed

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