Spring Project

We had a lovely day here in Uxbridge, Massachusetts yesterday. It was sunny and warm, around 50 degrees. I know that’s not warm compared to other climates but for New England, the coldest area of this country, it was downright balmy.  Folks were just looking for an excuse to get outside and mingle with their neighbors. By the way, we’re headed for a high of 59 Monday. 🙂

As I pulled up my old white plastic molded chair to sit for a minute I was quickly reminded that I might want to build something better for the coming warmer weather, an adirondack chair. I like sturdy furniture so if you’ve ever sat in a nice adirondack chair you know how laid back and comfortable they can be.

With the acquisition of my new DeWalt DW745 portable contractor’s table saw I could actually make short work out of building one from scratch. Ideally I’d make it out of a weather resistant wood such as cedar. I’ll need to check my local lumber yard, Koopmans, and see what variety of lumber they offer. I don’t want to break the bank here so I’m ready to make it out of construction fir if necessary and then just paint it with a good exterior paint. I could even make it able to fold up so I could store it inside in the wintery off season. We’ll see!

Adirondack Chair


4 thoughts on “Spring Project

  1. Hi Bob, We’re going to have a few nice days. Fri. the sun was out and I dug up dandelions. I have several plants that need to be planted, but I’m getting over a nasty cold. Your Adirondack chair sound fantastic! I’d use marine paint on it. I got some clean marine finish for our front door from amazon.com.

    • I just need to wait and see the wood I buy to make the chair. I love the natural look of the wood so marine varnish may be the solution. Since I’m starting from scratch I’m open to suggestions. Finished chairs lke this sell for $350-$400 so I know I can beat that. Again, with my good saw I’m not afraid to resaw 2″x4″ & 2″x 6″ lumber to come up with the dimensioned lumber to build the chair. I recently bought 6 2″x4″x8′ for just $20 so I envision the entire chair could be made for $50 if I cut everything myself. Time & patience I have. Let the fun begin. 🙂

  2. When. Ron build an 18′ boat in Illinois he use marine paint of course. He also fibre glassed the bottom. It was a good boat which served us many years. The chair sounds really good. Go for it. Then all your neighbors will want one.

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