Happy Anniversary To Me!

I was reminded by a lovely ecard this morning that it’s been exactly one year since moving into my Uxbridge housing unit. I’ve come a long way in the 18 months since moving from Portland, OR to Uxbridge, MA. One year ago today all my stuff was in boxes stacked in my SmartCar. I had no furniture so I slept in a sleeping bag on hardwood floors that night. The very next day Sarah & Steven arrived with a van full of furniture to make my life normal again.

By coincidence I bumped into the Armstrongs at the Senior Center yesterday. That’s the couple who picked me up at Logan Field in Boston and allowed me to live with them for 6 months. Marilyn & Garry exchanged a casual greeting as they had finished getting their taxes done yesterday and were in the process of leaving. I wish them well!

It’s pouring down rain today as I start my day. I love the sound of rain on the roof and windows. I miss it from my 10 years in Portland, OR. I pray that I will continue to make new friends as I continue to treasure those left behind in the Pacific Northwest. A big hearty Thank You to Pat who sent me the Happy Anniversary card today!

Uncle Bob 1


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